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Al-Baqour Association

For Early Childhood Development In The Arab Society Of The Negev

For Early Childhood Development In The Arab Society Of The Negev

Al-Baqour was founded by professional men and women from a variety of fields, mainly specialists in early childhood well-being. Team members are Arab and Jewish residents of the Negev.

We develop and operate culturally and community appropriate models for young children and their families. In addition, we design and carry out programs for partners and colleagues

Our vision

Reinstating a sense of inner control to the parents and the community as a whole, while facing the changes and transformations the community goes through at the intersection between a traditional and a modern society. Imbuing parents with confidence and inner strength in their ability to impact and promote their kids development, from childhood to adulthood. We put a lot of thought into devising methods to preserve traditional practices of parenting and raising children, in correspondence with the changing reality.

Our goal

Promoting action and public discussion around the importance of professional intervention during early childhood and to support and empower young parents. Al-Baqour aims to encourage and strengthen collaboration between arab and jewish professionals in the Negev from various disciplines, deepening their knowledge, training and development of local professionals.

Mission statement

Reducing the gaps and empowering Arab society in the Negev by making knowledge accessible and encouraging reading in early childhood and for mothers.


The association initiates leading programs for parents and children’s such as: “Maktabati Alola – my first library” – a program to encourage reading in early childhood and a host of other programs.


Training Programs

Building a strategy and developing a course-plan for the training of preschool proffesionals.

Al-Baqour provides courses on child development for medical teams and educational teams in both formal and a-formal education institute’s.


The association operates in a joint venture with the Mizrahi and Western Negev Eshkolots and the Yad Handiv Foundation as a central partner. Additional funding sources are the five-year plan for the Bedouin society and foundations in Israel and abroad.


Whether you’d like to donate,  join us, or just chat – drop us a line!


Eliyahu Nawi St 24/107, Be'er Sheva, Israel




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