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About us

Al-baqour association for the promotion of preschool children in the Arab society in the Negev

The association was founded by professionals from various fields of knowledge, experts in the field of early childhood, from the Arab and Jewish society in the Negev, who set themselves the goal of promoting action and public discourse on the importance of intervention in early childhood. The group wishes to establish a long-term influence and seeks to lay a future infrastructure for providing a culturally and linguistically adapted response to families and developing a system of training and further training for local professionals.

Our vision

Reinstating a sense of inner control to the parents and the community as a whole, while facing the changes and transformations the community goes through at the intersection between a traditional and a modern society. Imbuing parents with confidence and inner strength in their ability to impact and promote their kids development, from childhood to adulthood. We put a lot of thought into devising methods to preserve traditional practices of parenting and raising children, in correspondence with the changing reality.

Our goal

Developing culturally adapted models for preschool children and operating them in the community, empowering and making knowledge and information accessible to parents, professionals and policy makers. Encouraging and strengthening cooperation between Bedouin and Jewish professionals from different professions in the Negev, deepening knowledge among the professionals and training and development of local personnel.

Mission statement

Reducing the gaps and empowering Arab society in the Negev by making knowledge accessible and encouraging reading in early childhood and for mothers.

Our Team

Al-Baqour has a diverse team, connecting jewish and arab professionals from both academic and field backgrounds.

Al-Baqour has become an established and significant professional factor in early childhood care in the Bedouin society in the Negev. Its team advises and presents issues to the Prime Minister’s Office, Knesset members, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Authority for Development and Settlement of the Bedouins in the Negev, other policy-making bodies and foundations.

Proffesional Team

Social worker and educator. B.A. in Social Work and M.A in Measurement & Assessment of Educational Programs, Ben Gurion University of the Negev. B.A. in Education and Liberal Arts, Schwartz Program – certification studies in Non-Profit and Community Organization Management, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Shlomit Somech-Lehman


A lawyer by profession, former CEO of Negev Development Authority
Meir Sahar

Finance and Projects

M.A. of Information science, Bar- Ilan university. Former Ministry of Education supervisor of libraries, southern district and former librarianship professor at Beit Berl college and David Yellin college
Amalia Kochen

Head of Programs

Hanan Abu Zalaf

Manager of Programs and Pedagogy

Tamar Sade

Manager of Programs in the Rural Community

Nasrin Afaoui

Training Manager

Ru'ya Al-Sana

Manager of the ‘My First Library’ Program

Maisa Agbaria

Coordinator of Libraries and Digital

Board of Directors

Administrator of the Wadi Attir international project, and woman empowerment at AJEEC-NISPED. A peace and coexistence activist. An ISEF Sami Michel award recipient.
Ms. Ghadir Hani

Board Member

Pediatrician. Head of Arara Medical Clinic. Phd, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa
Dr. Foad El Sana

Executive Director

Preschool teacher, Neveh Midbar regional council. M.A in Education Management from Bar-Ilan university.
Ms. Rada Alubara

Board Member

Kindergarten teacher, Head of Neveh Midbar Regional Council Nursery Cluster. M.A., Arts and Social Change, Netanya Academic College for Society and Arts
Ms. Amina Alatauna

Board Member

Educator, Degrees in Special Education (Seminar HaKibbutzim), Education and Administration of Education Systems
Ms. Joyce Anavi

Board Member

Developmental psychologist, Ministry of Health, The child diagnostic & Rehabilitation Center, B'eer - Sheva
Ms. Yael Mayer Aharoni

Audit Committee

Consulting Team

Developmental psychologist expert, head of developmental psychology, department of psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Dr. Naama Poria Atzaba

Consulting Team

Social worker. M.a, Mcgill University. B.a, social work, Ben-Gurion University. Dyadic therapy specialist
Ms. Tahany Okby

Consulting Team

Nurse, Israeli Ministry of Health Supervisor for Mother-Child Centers. Doctorate student, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Ms. Orly Karuv

Consulting Team

Health promoter - Bedouin community, Clalit healthcare services. Nutrition, health, and smoking cessation counselor
Ms. Badra Abu Zrayek

Consulting Team

Nurse, former head of nursing department, Recanati School for Community Health Professions, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
Dr. Hanna Ziedenberg

Consulting Team

Product Manager, dbMotion (company providing solutions for medical information sharing). M.A, Philosophy Knowledge and Digital Culture, Tel Aviv University; Management & Information Technology, Polytechnic University;, Computer Science
Mr. Asa Albag

Consulting Team

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