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Shana Tova: Celebrating Growth and Unity, A New Year Message from Al-Baqour Association

Dear Friends of Al-Baqour Association,

As we approach the New Year, we’re filled with excitement! This marks the sixth year since our association was founded. Look how far we’ve come, branching into four main areas of activity:

  1. “My First Library” is thriving. In fact, we are soon launching our 14th, 15th, and 16th libraries.
  2. Our Community Engagement Program now visits the homes of cherished women, bringing not just games and books, but also joy, enrichment, and yes, education to mothers and children. And importantly, it’s providing these mothers with a livelihood.
  3. This year, our Training Program proudly introduced its first course on storytelling for young children.
  4. And, we’ve launched a new division dedicated to our volunteers.

Our growing team, now numbering over 20 wonderful individuals, is a blend of Arabs and Jews from the Negev to the North and the Central regions. Together, we work with immense dedication and joy, driven by a shared vision: to foster a society that offers equal opportunities for every child, no matter who they are.

Wishing everyone a joyful and prosperous New Year!

Warm regards,

Shlomit, on behalf of the Al-Baqour Association Team.

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