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Tribute to the Children of Kibbutz Beeri: Children’s Songs

To all friends and members of the Al-Baqour Association,
Today we are deviating from our usual work for the Bedouin community by uploading children’s songs by the late Yehonatan Geffen in Hebrew. These songs are a symbolic tribute to the children of Kibbutz Beeri, who suffered a severe blow in the terrible events of October 7th.
Kibbutz Beeri (through the Beeri printing press) was the first to put its faith and trust in our work and supported us for many years. The kibbutz was a home to us, hosted us for professional training sessions and even actively participated in helping to guide our library instructors.
We hope to put a smile on the faces of the children of Beeri and wish that they may grow up to a different reality of peace and brotherhood.
Special thanks to Shira Geffen for the reading and copyright permissions, and to the Connet 100 studio in Daliyat al-Karmel for donating the videos.
Dr. Fuad Elsana, Pediatrician and Chairman of the Al-Baqour Association 
Shlomit Somech Lehmann, CEO
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